What is Hybrid Meat?

Oscar Gloveus
August 22, 2022
Hybrid meat is the foundation that Better Foods is built upon. It’s one of the solutions we believe to be the most realistic when it comes reducing our carbon footprint, and especially lowering meat consumption.

So what is hybrid meat, really? Essentially, it is the combination between meat and plant-based ingredients. In our case, more specifically: The combination between beef and chickpeas. 

Many meat eaters are not ready to give up their favorite dishes, but are looking for ways to eat healthier and reduce their carbon footprint. Better Foods has the solution that provide both the same flavor and textures as the consumers crave, with the healthfulness they desire.  

Hybrid meat products contains less meat, fat and cholesterol than conventional products. They are rich in protein, like the original, but also high in dietary fiber – a valuable addition to any diet not found in traditional meats. 

The innovation does not stop with hybrid meat. 

At first, we looked at the market for pre-made food in Sweden. We first concluded, by our own measures, that there were no brands selling tasty meals with Swedish Husmanskost – our most beloved dishes! We also realized that nutrition has often been lacking in pre-made meals, so we addressed that too by switching out the standard components to healthier ones. As an example, we switched regular mashed potatoes to a mash of parsnip. 

We complemented our initial line of dishes with a highly nutritious meal containing chicken breast together with black rice, raw rice, and a home-cooked curry sauce: another favorite at the dinner tables in Sweden. For the strict vegetarians we wanted to offer something too, so we made a juicy dish with beetroot -and halloumi steak.


What other meat dishes can you not live without, that you would like for us to innovate with? Please send us your requests to hello@betterfoods.se.

Oscar Gloveus
Better Foods