Recycle Better Foods and earn money

Oscar Gloveus
January 5, 2023

Better Foods are proud to announce a new initiative to make it easier for customers to recycle their trays and reduce waste.

Starting today, customers of Better Foods can use the Bower app to recycle their trays and receive a cashback reward for their efforts. Simply scan the barcode on the tray using the Bower app and drop it off at the designated recycling bin. The app will automatically credit the user's account with the cashback reward.

"At Better Foods, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact and making it easier for our customers to do the same," said Oscar Glovéus, COO of Better Foods. "We're excited to launch this new recycling program and encourage our customers to participate and make a difference."

The recycling program is just one of the many ways Better Foods works to reduce waste and protect the environment. The foundation of Better Foods is laid upon what they call ‘Hybrid meat’. By swapping 30% of the meat in their dishes with chickpeas, the food brand makes it easier to start eating less meat – without missing out on everything good about it. 

This new recycling program will make it easier for customers to do their part in protecting the planet, while also rewarding them for their efforts. Download the Bower app today and start recycling at FTI’s locations all around Sweden.

Oscar Gloveus
Better Foods