An effortless solution

Oscar Gloveus
August 22, 2022
Today, about 40% of greenhouse gases come from agriculture, deforestation and other land-use changes. Meat, particularly beef, drives climate change in two ways: first, through cows’ emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and second, by destroying forests as they are converted to grazing land. In other words, cutting meat consumption is a powerful thing we can do to tackle climate crisis. 

There are many alternatives within our category on the store shelves that you might choose from, but if choosing between two meat dishes, we would like to show you how much you could help the environment by swapping 30% of the meat to legumes, which comes effortlessly in our dishes. 

Let’s say for example that you eat 7 servings (85g = 1 serving) of meat normally each week. If you were to reduce that with 30% on a yearly basis, you would save: 

  • 142,943 liters of water (that’s equivalent of how much 131 people drink in a year)
  • 790.8 kg CO2 equivalent produced. (36 trees are needed to absorb that amount over a year). It would also be equivalent to: 101226 smartphones charged or 337 liters of gasoline. 

Also, the area of which this amount meat production takes up, 3027.8 m2 each year, could also for something much better, like growing approximately 1062 kg of rice.

A very recent study showed, that if every person cut their meat consumption by 25%, it would reduce annual greenhouse gas emission by 1%. That might not sound like a lot, but it would help protect the rain forest, so the positive effects, including reduced water and fertilizer use, improved biodiversity and safeguarded rights of Indigenous people – would be amplified. 

To quote Anne-Marie Bonneau, a zero-waste chef: “We don’t need a handful of people performing meat reduction perfectly, by changing to a vegan or vegetarian diet. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly, reducing meat consumption as much as possible.“

We totally get that if you’re a meat eater, it is hard to beat the taste and the great nutrition that comes with it. But we figured the solution for reducing meat consumption does not have to be black or white. With our alternative, you can have the cake and eat it too. We call it hybrid meat. And we believe it is perhaps the most realistic approach to this problem. Imagine if we could inspire all people to eat 30% less meat – what difference we would see in the world. 

The meat we use are Swedish, and we have carefully chosen meat producers that live up to our requirements when it comes to sustainability and animal care. 

Our dream is to contribute to a planet that in the future will be thriving, alongside with its healthy people. We have created, at least what we believe, an effortless solution to reduce meat consumption. 

Oscar Gloveus
Better Foods