Welcome to A Better Food Factory

Oscar Gloveus
August 22, 2022

The place where our food gets filled with love

We are super proud to announce our newly acquired factory in what they call 'Sweden’s closest city', Enköping. Here, our experienced chefs make the food, we pack it, and then distribute it out to you. All food is cooked from the ground, with Swedish ingredients. 

The acquisition of the factory means that we are taking the next step in our evolution to ensure taste, quality, and sustainability. A larger platform than before, from which we feel we can really make a difference on a national scale. 

When you think of a large food factory, you might get the idea that the food is cooked by automatic procedures, and packed by machines. In other words a very robotic process. That, however, is not the case at all at A Better Food Factory.

"Maten är klar!" (Swedish for "The food is ready"), echoes loudly in the whole building as our head chef, Tomas, has just finished cooking one of the dishes. He then hands it over to our packing team, who puts puts both their energy and love into the food as it gets placed in boxes to the sound of some equally loud house music that our operations manager, Krille, has queued on Spotify. A beautiful symphony composed of team work and high spirit.

We like to take the Better Foods lasagna as a great example – although the weight of it will always be around 400g, the shape of it will never be the same since it is cut out and placed in boxes by humans, not machines. 

We love our customers, but our co-workers will always be the most important pillar of our business. Hence, their well-being is a top priority for us. With the large quantities we are producing, we understand how important it is that the energy in our factory is warm, loving, and inspiring. We are distributing thousands of meals every week, and we want every single one of them to be a creation that results in your life getting simpler and more enjoyable. 

We are always open to co-create with our customers. If there is something we could do better, or if there are ideas of what we can do, please hit us up and send an email to hello@betterfoods.se.

Oscar Gloveus
Better Foods